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quinta-feira, agosto 15, 2002

Mais sobre m�sica, pra quem gosta de Pearl Jam:

Pearl jammin' late this year

By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun

Stone Gossard, guitarist for Pearl Jam, told The Toronto Sun this week the Seattle rockers will do only a couple of dates this winter in support of their new, as yet untitled record -- set for release Nov. 19.

But they hope to set out on a full-fledged tour next year.

"Pearl Jam is going to do a few shows sometime in late November and then probably in February, we'll be out," said Gossard down the line from Portland, Oregon, where he was vacationing.

As for the new album, Gossard reports: "I listened to it the other day and it sounds great, yeah. I'm very excited about it. We worked with a guy named Adam Kasper, who co-produced it, so that's new. And the record sounds great. Brendan O' Brien mixed it and he did an excellent job. Everyone wrote songs, and there's some really beautiful songs."

In the meantime, Gossard's side band Brad has a new album, Welcome To Discovery Park, in stores Tuesday.

Tirado daqui.